Permanent life insurance products are designed to provide protection while building cash value. Borrowing from the cash value gives you the opportunity to help meet future goals. When permanent life insurance is the central part of a sound financial plan, it provides protection plus cash value that can help people do more throughout their lives.


Types of Permanent Life Insurance


While all permanent policies are designed to provide a safety net with death benefit protection while accumulating cash value, there are different types that are suited to meet different needs. We can help you determine which type of permanent life insurance can help you build a strong “center” for your financial plan and create a world of possibilities for you and your family.


  1. Whole Life
    • “Keep it Safe”
    • Guaranteed death benefit and cash value accumulation
    • Maximum guarantees and predicable payments
    • Long-term, low risk tolerance
  2. Universal Life (UL)
    • “Provides Flexibility”
    • Low cost with flexible payments, yet adjustable
    • Protection guarantees with cash value linked to company’s current interest rate
    • Low to medium, risk tolerance
  3. Indexed Universal Life (IUL)
    • “Add a Boost”
    • Equal desire for protection and cash value accumulation
    • Upside potential with cash value linked to market index
    • Strong downside protection
    • Medium risk tolerance
  4. Variable Universal Life (VUL)
    • “Max My Upside”
    • Strong desire for cash value accumulation
    • Upside potential with cash value linked to investment account performance
    • Limited downside protection
    • Higher risk tolerance


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